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Nitrox Server
Lightweight & powerful.

Nitrox servers are powerful, yet easy to host. With optimised code written for Subnautica. It runs exteremly lightweight and requires hardly any resources, for the best game performance.


Easily host a large player event with support up to 100 players.


Max. Slots

Automatic portforwading through use of UPNP for fast setup.



Host or find permanent servers to play on, in the Nitrox community.



What's included?

Nitrox server includes everything you need to start, host and play Subnautica in multiplayer mode.

  • Server console
  • Built in chat system
  • Configurable server port
  • Max. 100 connected players
  • Automatic save function
  • Configurable game mode setting
  • Public server mode
  • Private password protected server
  1. Max. 100 server players, recommened player count 5.
  2. Public servers are not hosted by Nitrox and 100% uptime not ensured. Third party servers are not moderated by the Nitrox team.