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All in one

Coming soon

Nitrox Launcher.

Nitrox Launcher.

Preview the new Nitrox Launcher. Your entry to the multiplayer experience. Carefully designed to be easy to use. Coming soon.


Redesigned from the ground up. With a focus on providing helpful information. Fast access to multiplayer. Detailed diagnostics. Everything you need to host a server.

Your hub for everything Nitrox.

With the redesigned launcher you can easily stay up-to-date with everything Nitrox related. Be first to get the latest versions, detailed information to enhance your server experience and a community tab with access to 24/7 community-hosted servers.

sports_esports Multiplayer patcher

dns Server console

router Automatic portforwading

verified Diagnostics

Smart settings

Bought multiple copies of Subnautica? No problem. The Nitrox Launcher can automatically detect all your Subnautica game installations, allowing you to quickly choose between different store versions. Simplifying the setup and removing the need to manually specify a path.



Nitrox Server is integrated into the launcher. This allows for a quick setup of your very own multiplayer instance. Thanks to UPNP Nitrox automatically takes care of port forwarding. The server is lightweight and easy to run without using lots of system resources.

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