Nitrox Guides

Browse the helpful guides and read the first steps how to get started using Nitrox.

Get started

Installing Nitrox

Let's get started by installing the Nitrox Mod. Follow the steps carefully and you will be ready to play in no time!

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Running the server

After installing the mod you can start playing together by running and hosting the Nitrox server. Find out more hosting details here.

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Joining a server

Want to join another server? Follow this guide to learn how to add and join other Nitrox servers and play Subnautica multiplayer.

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Frequently asked questions

Please use the Nitrox Install Wizard, or read through the guides to learn how to install the Mod.

The mod is in the very early stages of development; however, a solid foundation has been laid for the community to iterate on. The following milestones have been completed:

  • Client / Server Communication
  • Player movement
  • Picking up / Dropping item syncing
  • Long-range world syncing
  • Base building
  • Furniture building
  • Most furniture interactions (containers / medkit fabricators / chargers / etc)
  • Power management
  • Seamoth & Exosuit Syncing
  • Basic cyclops syncing
  • Rudimentary chat system
  • New HUD for remote players
  • Basic player animations
  • Integration with Harmony

Download the installer from the "Download" section. Keep in mind that this is still in development and can have bugs.

Currently the Nitrox mod only works with the base game of Subnautica. The addition of support for Below Zero is planned, but will not release before the current Nitrox version is stable.

Please first read the steps on our wiki. If that doesn't work, please ask our help chat in the discord channel.

Simply submit a pull request on the GitHub page. Feel free to also join us in our discord channel to discuss and exchange feedback or ideas with other contributors, developers and players.

We do not accept donations to the mod. Those wishing to give money can do so here:

Nitrox is an alternative air mixture, used by scuba divers, to achieve longer bottom times. As a mod, it will provide a new dimension of gameplay to extend your enjoyment.