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Alpha · 12.6 MB

Alpha · 12.6 MB


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December 14th 2020

Nitrox Alpha

Patch notes

  • Vastly improved the base building experience (reduced instances of red ghosts and partial constructions)
  • Vastly improved building experience inside the cyclops (reduced instances of objects relocating outside)
  • Vastly improved world loading (reduced instances of missing bases and gun)
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to vehicle docking
  • Fixed a few instances of seamoth explotions (still, try to avoid collisions)
  • Fixed a bug with furniture being unpowered when relogging (such as the fabricator)
  • Fixed a bug causing story pings and radio messages to disappear when relogging
  • Fixed a bug causing the infection not to reveal
  • Fixed a bug causing rocket buildbots to desync between clients
  • Fixed a bug causing seamoths to stack when there are more than one moonpool
  • Fixed a bug causing some entities to not spawn their children properly
  • Fixed a bug causing entities to not spawn while using the JSON save format
  • Fixed most instances of players swimming inside bases when relogging
  • Added username validation upon logging (Usernames with spaces or weird characters will no longer be valid)
  • Added password input field when connecting to password protected servers
  • Added sync for rocket preflights
  • Added sync for bio reactor inventory
  • Added sync for modules inside the scanner room
  • Added support for updating the max discord party size through configuration
  • Added the ability to run multiple servers with different ports
  • Added a brand new user-friendly config file for the server (config.properties)
  • Added a new server command to open the config file: "config"
  • Added a new server command to open the server directory: "directory"
  • Added a new server command to restart: "restart"
  • Server will now be paused with no player inside
  • Added support for IPV6 server addresses
  • Improved JSON save files
  • Upgraded to C# 8, .NET 4.7.2, and latest dependencies
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Nitrox Multiplayer Mod

Nitrox is an open-source, multiplayer modification for the game Subnautica.

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