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Nitrox is built by a passionate team of open source contributors.


Sea Dragon
Mod creator
  • Sunrunner
Ghost Leviathan
Tenured developers
  • Killzoms
  • Jannify
  • HeN
  • Measurity
  • MadMax
  • Marijn
  • Nes
  • Rux
  • Dartasen
Alterra HQ
Modders and contributors
  • CatSZekely
  • Garsia
  • RabidCrab
  • AquariusSidhe
  • Amarok
  • Grandoth

Support Team

Sea Emperor
Owner of the Discord Server
  • Werewolfs
Reaper Leviathans
Server admins
  • Shalix
  • CriticalCookie
  • InfamousJay
Arctic Peepers
Long-term staff
  • DekanCraft
  • NinjaPedroX
  • TheLxkas

Github contributors

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