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Running the Nitrox Server

After installing the mod you can start playing together by running and hosting the Nitrox server.

Important notes:
  • The Nitrox server needs an open port to communicate through. This can be achieved by port forwarding or through the use of a VPN service like Hamachi if you do not know or want to port forward.
  • Nitrox uses port 11000 UDP
  • In some cases, your Firewall may be blocking this connection. If you or others can't connect, make sure that both you and the host of the server have a firewall exception for the Subnautica.exe and NitroxServer-Subnautica.exe

Follow these steps to run/host a Nitrox server.

  1. Run NitroxLauncher as Administrator
  2. Click on Server, then Start Server
If you look in the server window you can find information about:
  • Game Mode
  • Server Password
  • Admin Password
  • Your local IP for LAN or if you are joining the server yourself
  • It shows you the IP others need to input, if you are Port Forwarding your server

More information

Port Forwarding help: As every router is different, we recommend you to visit the website to learn how to port forward for your router.

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