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Joining a Nitrox Server

How to join and play multiplayer on a Nitrox Server for Subnautica.

Step 1

After downloading and unzipping the mod, open the Nitrox Launcher.

Important: Make sure to run as Administrator.

Step 2

Press on "Multiplayer".

Press on Multiplayer

Step 3

Press "Add server IP".

Press on Add server IP

Step 4

A dialog will open. Enter a name for the server. Then enter the server IP under host. Finally, press "Add server".

Press on Multiplayer

Step 5

You will now see the server with the name you gave it in the list. Click on "Connect to..." to join that server.

Press on Multiplayer

Step 6

Last but not least, enter your username and pick a colour of your liking. Then, press "Join".

Press on Multiplayer
If you are connecting to someones server, they must provide the IP for you. They can find that IP from the server window.
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