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Subnautica Nitrox

Your multiplayer mod for Subnautica.

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Nitrox Launcher

Experience Subnautica like a completely new game. Team up. Explore new depths. Build epic bases.

The mod

Nitrox multiplayer

Finally begin playing Subnautica together with your friends. Join or create your very own server.

Supported Store Versions

Cross platform

Compatible with your favourite stores. Native cross-play support built into the mod allowing for seamless multiplayer.


Your gameplay

Play Subnautica, from a surivial play-through with your friends to a creative build session.

Code base

Open source

Regular support and updates from the generous contributors. Contribute and make the mod better.


Player base

Be part of the large, growing Nitrox community. Find new servers, get help and talk to other Nitrox players.

1 M


27 K

Discord Members

Nitrox Launcher

Use the Nitrox Launcher, currently available for Windows. Featuring a well designed user interface to make playing multiplayer even easier.

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In-game messaging

Stay in touch with the Nitrox cross-platform compatibile built in game messaging system.

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UPNP Support

Automatic port forwarding

Nitrox automatically opens the required ports making it possible to connect to your friends straight away without any need for third party VPN software.

Community added languages

Nitrox also speaks your language. English, German, French, Spanish, Romanian, Finnish, Russian, Italian, Hungarian, Slovakian...

Contribute & add your language.


Easily host a large player event with support up to 100 players.


Max. Slots

Randomized starter Escape Pod, Randomized & Saved Seeds for Resources and Fauna, New Save system, Plants & Farming... and so much more.

Public Server

Find permanent servers to play on, in the Nitrox Discord.



Get the mod

Download the Nitrox Mod for free and start playing Multiplayer!


Latest version

Getting Started

Read the install guide and FAQ's

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Connect & chat with other Nitrox players


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Discord Members
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Nitrox Discord Server

Chat with more than 27k members about Subnautica Multiplayer, find other players to game together and get support.

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  1. Windows store requires additional setup. Steps and support to setup can be found in Nitrox Discord.
  2. Max. 100 server players, recommened player count 5.
  3. Public servers are not hosted by Nitrox and 100% uptime not ensured. Third party servers are not moderated by the Nitrox team.